Gary N Chicago IL

Was wondering about all the five stars & I must say that they are well deserved! Teddy spends time listening to you and your personal needs for training. You really get results. I saw positive changes within 2 weeks after going back with almost 2 years off. This is the best kept secret at the best prices that I have ever seen. I've had trainers at higher rates with less impressive results & less knowledge. Plus she knows nutrition! I'm glad to be back.

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tarted training again. Great place & owner---excellent in her knowledge. Very reasonable rates, clean place, lot's of equipment! Already see good results. May try some other stuff they offer-but quite happy now

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Dr. S Z. Chicago IL

I have been with Makeyourbody for 2 years now.Dora, the owner and personal trainer has forever changed my life. I have transformed from a size 12 to 4 but that is not the most important transformation.The most important transformation is in my outlook on life, Dora had taught me to enjoy a healthy way of living, eating and working out. I see hundreds of personal trainers in my other gym I belong to but none of them are so engaging and caring about their clients!

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I am not sure why both of my reviews were flagged. I have been a customer for one year goin twice a week and absolutely recommend this to others. Watch out Arnold Schwarzenegger, Here comes Dora!! 17 weeks ago I joined and Dora became my personal trainer, since then she has not only transformed my body but my outlook on life, fitness and diet. Dora is one of the best personal trainers I have ever experienced, she takes her time educating you on every exercise performed, walking you through every ache and pain that comes with increasing the intensity of the routine. I would strongly recommend as your next work out facility!

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

Dora is amazing! I've had personal trainers in the past but she is nothing like I've experienced before. She takes her time educating me on different muscle groups and focuses on the correct form with every excersize we do. She uses visualization to enhance the workout on every muscle group. I highly recommend

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

Debra Q. Chicago, IL

I been training with Teddy since June 2013, she has helped me find me again. I would highly recommend Teddy to anyone looking for a personnel trainer, she is more than a trainer, she assist you with looking at what you eat, and the food combinations.she send e-mails with encouragements that address each client with the individual needs you may have.Teddy is the best investments I made for myself, I always tell her she is more that my trainer, she helps me with my Mine, Body and Soul. TRUELY SHE GIVES EVERYONE 100%, YOU ARE NOT JUST A CLIENT TO HER YOU ARE A FRIEND!!!!

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Gigi H. Chicago, IL

I have been training with Teddy at Make Your Body for a few months and can honestly say it is the best investment I have ever made in myself! Teddy is very knowledgeable and customizes each session to what I need. When I leave her after a session, I feel great! I have only go once a week and I have noticed my body change....more muscle, toner, weight loss, better posture... I feel like I walk taller! She is great and runs a first rate program! Best decision I have ever made! I wish I could go more often but the results have been wonderful!

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

David W. Chicago, IL

I have been working out with Dora for about 3 months, and wanted to share my thoughts. Dora is an excellent trainer. She truly cares about her clients, and several of them (including some with "filtered" reviews) have become her friends because she is such a good person and a good trainer. Unlike a previous trainer I visited, she is not a clock watcher...almost to a fault. ("Dora! I need to get to work!") But she truly cares about you maximizing your time with her. A lot of your time spent with Dora will be about maximizing form. She spends a lot of time correcting and making very minor adjustments to the positions of the weights to ensure safety and to maximize the workout. Also unlike a previous trainer, she writes everything you do down so you can track your progress.Dora also makes sure to continually send you diet and workout tips via email which I really appreciate.My only issue in working with her is her location, in Roscoe Village, which makes it a bit rough to get to work after seeing her. However, she comes in early to meet with me to make it easier. I appreciate her flexibility; I know she lives in the burbs so it involves effort on her part to make it in.Anyone, man or woman, young or old, can benefit from working with her. I whole-heartedly recommend her services.

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

Maria m. Chicago, IL

I am a current client of makeyourbody and I LOVE it. Theodora is the best. I've been to several trainers in the past and she is by far the most knowledgeable trainer. She is very passionate in what she does and it shows in her work. Teddy gives you complete and clear instructions on every move. She makes sure the form is correct so there is no potential injury.I have written a review before but can't understand why it is not showing. I would like the public to read how fantastic, I believe, makeyourbody is and would encourage everyone to try.

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

I love this studio. I've been coming here to see Teddy for close to a year. I've always disliked weight training but I've found working out with Teddy has given me knowledge and confidence. She is very knowledgeable on her stuff and doesn't put me in a situation I can't handle. I would give it ten stars but I'm only allowed five.

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

I have been seeing Teddy at Makeyourbody for over a month. i want to believe im in okay shape. i workout on my own 2-3times a week. but when i met teddy she has shown me technique and vital information i didnt know before. her advice has given me a different way to workout. She is very knowledgable about everything there is to know in fitness. she gives full attention. i can tell she is passionate in what she does and it shows in her sessions.

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

Aimee C. Chicago, IL

I met Teddy on a whim. She told me about her Studio and so I went in for a try. I have been trying to get in shape and just really needed that extra push. I have gone to the gym for years and was only doing cardio. i guess I just was not comfortable being in the weight rooms. So...I decided to check her out. By the end of the first session I knew that I needed to dedicate myself to her and this studio to help me be better. I now go and see her 2x a week and i so look forward to it! She is totally affordable, and I love the place. It makes you very comfortable and so does she. She really takes the time and makes sure you do all the stuff correctly. I cannot say how good I am feeling about myself and how glad I am to have found this hidden gem!!! Honestly I had been looking at other places, they we all so overpriced and just not what I was looking for. Honestly I was meant to meet Teddy and I highly recommend her!!

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

I met Teddy and I just had a feeling she could help me. I have been in a rut as I own a business and do not take much time for me to be healthy. I had thought about getting a trainer but the thought of spending all that money, and being in a big gym with people watching me...was not very appealing. I went for a session, and I love love the place and I love Teddy. She was informative on all the posture and how to hold the weight...proper form. And I was so very comfortable. So comfortable that I signed up for 6 more sessions. I am so excited to go next, this can really hep change my life, it was a blessing that we met when we did. The place is clean and boutique like. Also have to say that as a woman I feel like Teddy can understand me bette, not to mention she has a rocking body...that always helps you feel like she knows what she's doing! This place is a hidden gem!

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

Michael K. Chicago, IL

've currently been working out Dora at make your body for several months. I must say, out of all of the personal trainers I've trained with in the past, Dora has been the most professional and caring personal trainer I've ever had. She has such a positive outlook and her motivation techniques work really well for me - it's more of a coaching style - I feel as if I want to do well to impress my "coach". Dora does an outstanding job helping her clients strategize over their fitness goals -- and achieve them, with measurable results. In addition, Dora reworked my diet and food plan, breaking me away from a series of unhelpful eating habits. She is consistently well prepared for every workout. I have recommended her two times, and both friends have said they have never worked with such an excellent trainer before.

Thanks Dora!

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

Matt W. Chicago, IL

Theodora at Make Your Body is Amazing! I went in there for what I thought was going to be a one time training session wondering what was going to happen. I've been burned by personal trainers in past (I won't give any names) who tell you do 20 push ups and walk away, then they come back asking for a check...uhh thanks but I could've done at home for free! Theodora understood what I needed and showed me one the best routines I've tried for strength and flexibility, a great head to toe routine that was fast and very efficient. After visiting Make Your Body I feel more confident and assured about my future health and overall strength. I will be back for more! Another thing that struck me about the gym was how inviting and comfortable the space is. I felt like I was working out in my living room. I don't have any issues with "maga gyms" but you can't help and feel like just another dollar sign walking around. Does anyone there really care about my health? I doubt it. Thanks Theo for the great routine, oh and when can we schedule another workout? Keep up the good Work! -Matt W "

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary

Rick M. Chicago, IL

Theodora is great! I have worked out for years but never had real guidance. She was very understanding and together we were able to correct a lot of the mistakes i was making. In just a few weeks I have already begun seeing great results. I would recommend this place to friends and family. Thanks Dora!

Disclaimer- results are individually based and may vary


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