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Become a MakeYourBody Sculpture...

Here are the powerful results that our clients have obtained from their time with us at MakeYourBody.

Tone your body, Sculpt your body, MakeYourBody.  



This client had a MAJOR TRANSFORMATION in UNDER 9 months. The MakeYourBody program gave her a shape shift through weight lifting and nutritional guidance. The results are balance, symmetry and increased lean muscle mass without bulk, which is a common misconception amongst women. She is defined with sculpted balanced curves. Disclaimer-results may vary for each individual



This client has had remarkable results in 6 months,
and has dropped about 5 dress sizes through learning proper weight lifting techniques at MAKEYOURBODY and strength training three times a week.

Note the following significant improvements:  

 1) Chest development and V-shape noticeable in front and back

 2) Shoulder and arm definition and toning

 3) Abdominal tightening and waist slenderizing

 4) Leg development and buttocks uplift and tightening


This client has had tremendous strength gains and dramatic mobility improvements. She went from getting winded from sitting to standing with difficulty, to completing challenging weight training routines with full range of motion with energy to spare. She has lost over 40 lbs and will continue to see more results due to her committed lifestyle change with MakeYourBody!

Disclaimer-results may vary for each individual


MaleXBefore&After copy.jpg

This client was training with a different personal trainer for 2 years prior to coming to MakeYourBody.
His development was imbalanced from the trainer overworking his stronger muscle groups and neglecting his weaker muscle groups.

AFTER 10 SESSIONS with MakeYourBody the FOLLOWING CHANGES lead to the more balanced and defined physique:

 1) He now has a more developed back with 'wings' that give him his new 'V' shape 
 2) He now has a more defined chest,greater muscle definition delineating front chest, shoulders and arms
 3) He now has more definition in his biceps and triceps
 4) He now has more definition in his abdominals and a slimmer waistline

 Disclaimer-results may vary for each individual



This client has myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune neuromuscular disease leading to fluctuating muscle weakness and fatigue. Prior to MakeYourBody, she was misguided in her diets and lifestyle which led to weakness and lagging muscle tone.
In under 9 months with the MakeYourBody program, she developed greater strength, balance, stamina, and definition.



1) Development in her shoulders giving her a 'cap', and development in her biceps and triceps giving her arms curves and shape.

2) Changed proportions of her chest to her trunk making her chest more prominent and shaped. Note definition in chest muscles by armpit.

3) Development in her back giving her a small wing, and 'V' shape, not present before.

4) Slimmer waistline and more toned abdominals and back.

5) More toned thighs with more defined curves in front top leg and rear buttocks.

Disclaimer-results may vary for each individual








This 72 year young active tennis player never weight lifted before.
She had limited range of motion in her hip flexors and knees, as well as adhesions in her shoulders, all of which restricted her movement and abilities.  After 3 months at MakeYourBody the following changes occurred:

1) Greater definition and sculpting in the muscles of her shoulders, biceps and triceps.

2) Uplifted chest, her abdomen became stronger, toned, flat and tight.

3) Her outer and inner thighs filled out more with greater muscle curves.

4) Her glutes became uplifted, curved and shaped, as well as her thighs.

She was guided to add a protein supplement which was missing from her diet, and her face & neck appear tighter.
Her strength and range of motion improved greatly. Prior to training she could not raise her legs, nor squat. Disclaimer-results may vary for each individual



The first photo in white of this client was taken after 9 months of training at MakeYourBody.
The 2nd set of photos in green are after an additional 8 months, demonstrating the continuous fine tuning and shape shifting muscular development.

Note the chiseling out of her arms, the narrowing and toning of her waist and abdominals, the accentuated 'V' shape, the tightness and uplift of her chest, the toning and shaping of her thighs.
This client epitomizes the transformation of increasing the ratio of lean muscle mass over fat.

Muscle weighs more than fat, showing the importance of increasing lean muscle mass through weight lifting and good nutrition. 

Disclaimer-results may vary for each individual



This client is another success story with natural healthy realistic results in 3 months.
She initially had many imbalances and adhesions from her desk job, including carpal tunnel and immobility. She has dropped about 2 dress sizes and 15 initial pounds from performing very doable training techniques at MakeYourBody.

Note the following significant improvements:  

                                                                        1) Chest development and body contouring
                                                                        2) Arm toning

                                                                        3) Neck toning

                                                                        4) Back definition and waist slimming

                                                                        5) Buttock lift and leg toning


This client has had phenomenal improvements in balance, strength and mobility. She no longer gets winded going up flights of stairs, no longer loses her balance,  has reduced wrist discomfort, and continues to sculpt out to Make Her Body!

Disclaimer-results may vary for each individual

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