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This is the starting point for all new clients. The focus is on achieving strength and balance though learning proper form and correct movement, with optimal range of motion, muscle isolation and memory, effective stretching, proper pace and tempo, and focused breathing for a life changing body transformation. Sessions last 1 hour. Recommend 2 sessions/wk for progression (client will feel/see tangible changes within 4-6 weeks).

$475  for 6 session package

$750 for 10 session package

Promotional $399 for 5 session package 1st time clients only


Two person budget friendly semi-private boutique sessions that focus on form, strength, kinesiology, muscle isolation, stretching, injury prevention, breathing, spotting, and cardio.  Sessions last 1 hour. Recommend 2 classes/wk for progression. Bring your friends and change your lives together or make new connections with people just like you.

2 person semiprivate price per person

$275  for 5 session package ($55 each)

$500 for 10 session package (450 each)

$120 ($60 each) single session

Learn important form for Barbell Training for Strength. The movements cover the Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Back Row and Press.  These are movements necessary for Power Lifting. Learn them right from a Pro with Injury Free Techniques!

Sessions last 1 hour. Recommend 2 classes/wk for progression. Bring friends, have fun and get STRONG!


Single session:

1 person = $85 /2 people = $60 ea/ 3 people = $50 ea

6 Session Package:
1 person = $475 /
2 people = $300 ea/ 3 people = $270 ea

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