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Losing Sleep Causes Dieters to Lose Muscle Rather Than Fat

An article in the Annals of Internal Medicine reveals a study from UIC regarding the effect of sleep and weight management. Ten overweight males and females were studied with the same diet over 2 weeks, but with different sleep schedules. The participants slept 8.5 hours/night during week 1, and 5.5 hours/night during week 2.

The results?

8.5 hours/night of sleep resulted in over 50% of weight loss from fat, while 5.5.hours sleep/night resulted in only around 25% of weight loss from fat.

Just more proof that getting enough rest and sleep needs to become a priority in our routine along with diet and exercise. It is an important factor in keeping our body fat and muscle mass at a healthy ratio.

Source-Life Extensions 12/10

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