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Should you train when you don't feel well or are sore?

Learning to 'Be Your Best Doctor' is a MakeYourBody mantra that is very valuable, not only for training, but for overall wellness. 

For your training to be effective,  it is important, as well as logical, to rest properly afterwards. The rest periods are usual 1-2 days, for the typical athlete and trainee. 

Soreness is mostly from microtears in the muscle fibers, and  it often peaks at 24-48 hours (sometimes slightly longer) after training. 

When people remain totally stationary during these periods, stiffness can exacerbate the symptoms, and under these circumstances, regressing to a lighter weight training with higher reps can be helpful for that particular session.

Clients who were still stiff and sore on day 2 or 3, felt much better, and more mobile after performing this type of high rep with light weights training that focused more extensively on range of motion, and stretching the myofascial tissues.

This type of training can also be beneficial when experiencing symptoms of 'unwellness', either from a cold coming on, or general malaise. Changing your usual anaerobic heavy training routine to a more light weight higher rep aerobic energy pathway can often improve symptoms through stretching, circulation, and the oxygenation of tissues.

Again- self awareness and exercising (pardon the pun) good judgment is paramount. 

If you haven't slept, have 102 fever, can't move or lift your head, etc., then rest longer.

But if you are feeling a bit sluggish from soreness or general mild malaise, this type of intelligent training can jump start your healing to bring you back to life. 

For more information, contact us at We are experts in women, special populations and higher caliber techniques for injury free training.

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